Today is International Youth Day. As the theme is "Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward", we take a look back to 1980 and a radio programme on young Irish migrants in London.

Young Irish migrants in London talk about the freedom and anonymity afforded by life in the city. They also discuss their views on prejudice and racism in London. This programme was broadcast on the 5th of August 1980.  For the entire week 'Youngview' was broadcast from the BBC radio studios in Portland Place, London.

In 1980 for many young Irish people London means bright lights and the chance of a job. But the British economy is in trouble and many young Irish immigrants find that the streets of London are not paved with gold. Colm Kenny talks to some of these young Irish immigrants about living in London.

This report features interviews with four young emigrants: Joanna Fallon, Marian Larragy, Martin O’Carroll, and Maurice Coakley.