"Some of the fiercest fighting of the Rising took place"


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Piaras Béaslaí describes some of the fiercest fighting that took place during Easter Week 1916 in the Church Street area of Dublin.

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    They Remember 1916 Piaras Béaslaí
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    Desmond Ryan (Presenter)
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    They Remember 1916
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    "Some of the fiercest fighting of the Rising took place"
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    Edward Daly was commandant of Dublin's 1st battalion and occupied the Four Courts during Easter Week 1916. Piaras Béaslaí was Daly's second in command here he gives his account of how the battalion occupied a wide area on the north side of the city. Béaslaí describes the taking of a number of buildings and setting up barricades, the fierce fighting at Reilly's Fort at the intersection of Church Street and North King Street and his own personal exhaustion after days of fighting before the final surrender. 

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    Desmond Ryan attended Pádraig Pearse's St Enda's school in Dublin. Having completed his education there Ryan went on to study at UCD but stayed living at St Enda's where he taught ans acted as a secretary to Pearse. As a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood Desmond Ryan took part in the Easter Rising serving under Pearse's command at the GPO in Dublin.

    In later years Desmond Ryan worked as a journalist in England and Ireland.  In the introduction to 'They Remember 1916' Ryan describes the Easter Rising as "A historic event of which there are many histories and formal chronicles." He says the short talks contained in the series,  "Are then not a history of the Rising nor a study of it nor a judgement of it but a few scenes and memories by those who still remember the Easter week of forty years ago."   

    'The Remember 1916' was first broadcast in 1956. Presented by Desmond Ryan it features the recollections of participants in the events of Easter Week 1916. 

    The accompanying photograph shows a plaque outside the house of Piaras Béaslaí which reads the house of Piaras Béaslaí, Patriot, Volunteer, Poet. © RTÉ Archives 0591/018

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