Gaeilge Cho Lú


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Cur síos ar an chainteoir ó dhúchas deireannach ón Ó Méith Co Lú, Anna Uí Annluain.

Anne O' Hanlon the last native speaker from Omeath in county Louth.

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    Gaeilgeoirí deireannacha Óméith
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    Proinsias Ó Conluain
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    Gaeilge Cho Lú
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    Déanann Proinsias cur síos ar staid na Gaeilge i gCo Lú agus labhrann sé leis an duine deireannach a raibh Gaeilge ón chliabhán aici, Anna Uí Annluain ón Lios Liath Ó Méith in aice leis an teorainn le deisceart Ard Mhacha,a bhí 90 bliain d'aois. Labhrann sí faoin dea-shaol a bhí ag daoine fad ó shoin agus an caitheamh aimsire a bheadh acu agus tugann sí cuntas ar an bhóthar nua atá idir Ó Méith agus Dún Dealgan anois atá ina chuidiú mhór ag na daoine. Sa tsean-am ní raibh ach aichearra transa an tsléibhe agus bheadh sé lán poill uisce agus deacair é a shiúl. Mar go raibh sí as cleachtadh tá Anna meirgeach agus dearmadtach ina cuid Gaeilge.

    Proinsias describes a dying language in Co. Louth and speaks with the last true native speaker of Irish in the county, Anne O' Hanlon from Lislea, Omeath. She describes how good life was in the old days and compares travelling to Dundalk on the newly built road to when there was only a track across the mountain full of pot holes. As Anne is out of practise her speech here appears hesitant and unclear at times.

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    Anne O'Hanlon from Omeath Co Louth spoke the dialect of South East Ulster. This dialiect was spoken in South Armagh, which bordered Omeath, in the Sperrin Mountains in Co Tyrone, in north County Meath and as far north as Inishowen in Donegal and as far west as the Isle of Man. Although out of practise the local dialect is clearly to be heard now and again in her speech. She uses the 'cha' form of the negative, instead of 'ní', which is prevalent in this dialect for example. Native speaker in this context means that Anna spoke Irish at home and wasn't taught it in school.

    The accompanying photograph shows Anna Uí Anluain, the last native Irish speaker of Omeath, at the age of 90 in 1961. The photograph was taken by Proinsias Ó Conluain.

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