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Tue. 21 Nov. 2017

Musical Bridge Mayo (1987)

Mayo Musical Bridge 1987

The unusual tale of a Mayo bridge built during the famine that has a distinct musical quality.

School Around The Corner, 1962

School Around The Corner 2012

Fifty years later a Cork man is back on television recalling a childhood appearance on the RTÉ programme 'The School Around the Corner'.

London Mansion (1997)

Mansion Gutted By Thieves 1997

Thieves remove all the furnishings and fittings from an Irishman's million pound English home cleaning it out from top to bottom.


The Silver Sisterhood Of Burtonport

The Silver Sisterhood Of Burtonport 1982

A group of women have come to Donegal to set up a sanctuary from the modern world.


Patrick Kavanagh

The life of one of Ireland's best-loved poets, as told by the poet himself and those who knew him.

Ireland and The Great War

Memories of The Great War with witness accounts.

Housing Conditions in Ireland

In less than 50 years, Ireland went from a critical housing deficit to a property glut.