Linfield manager David Healy says he's reasonably happy with the status quo in having two leagues on the island.

The former Northern Ireland player did add, however, that he was open to potential changes or improvements down the line. 

Healy's side, who won their 53rd league title in 2018-19, were thoroughly outclassed by League of Ireland champions Dundalk in Monday's Unite the Union second leg tie on Monday night. 

A brace for Georgie Kelly and goals from Brian Gartland, Jamie McGrath, Robbie Benson and Patrick Hoban gave the LOI kingpins a 6-0 victory on a chastening night for Linfield and the NIFL Premiership. 

Healy admitted that Monday's result left him with no answer to those who insist there's a gulf between the two leagues. 

"I can't tonight (answer critics) with the level of performance that we put in," he told RTÉ Sport. 

"Football is about opinions. I thought we were more than a match on Friday night.

"Maybe this was just a game too far. I did lead into the conversation at the start when the two-legged tie was announced that is wasn't ideal for us the way the season panned out. I think that's our 26th competitive game of the season. It was probably one game too many.

"I've enjoyed being down here. I've been down here as a neutral watching other teams and players. The one thing you always get is a good reception and you get well looked after. 

"Dundalk are the benchmark for clubs not only down here but in the north as well. The level of consistency. The relentless pursuit of winning, they change their manager and they keep winning. So, it's a credit to them.

"It was a disappointing night. As a manager, I've got to take that on the chin. I got it wrong. The players have been a credit and there's no point me going in and letting rip. 

"Tonight was an off-night, we were poor against a rampant Dundalk side. We seen how good they really are tonight. If there's anything positive we can take out of that is the relentless pursuit by Dundalk to keep winning trophies. 

"We were miles off it and they were sensational and that's why the scoreline was what it was."

For many, the scoreline did little to advance the cause of an All-Island league though Dundalk boss Vinny Perth was keen to argue in the aftermath that Linfield are a better side than they'd shown on the evening and would likely finish third in the League of Ireland Premier Division. 

Healy said the All-Island league discussion were a matter for administrators rather than managers but added that he loved the league in which Linfield compete. 

"Is it good or bad? I don't know until the contract is put in front of people. 

"I love the league that we're in. I'm sure the Irish guys that play in their own league love their league. It's a competitive league. Shamrock Rovers are going to pushing hard over the next 12 months. 

"Personally, I'm happy where we are. That's not to say going forward that things can't be tweaked. I think in two years time, we're going to a summer league.