The Irish women's hockey team are among a host of athletes from around the globe feeling a sense of uncertainty when it comes to the Olympic Games.

The team booked their place at Tokyo 2020 in dramatic fashion last November but due to the coronavirus pandemic, early preparations for the Games were affected when they were forced to abandon plans for an important training camp in Malaysia.

As things stand, the International Olympic Committee insist that the Games will go ahead as planned despite calls from some quarters for Tokyo 2020 to be postponed.

Ireland hockey international Nicci Daly joined RTÉ 2fm Game On and spoke to Marie Crowe about the uncertainty that she and other athletes are facing.

"It's not nice. There is a lot of speculation going on and even different countries have their own different things about what should happen," she said.

Daly in action during the crucial Olympic qualifier against Canada

"But I think it's important to just try away from listening to too much of what's going on in the media. As far as we're concerned, [the Olympics] are going ahead.

"We haven't heard anything differently and it's just important for us to control what we can control and that's being active in whatever way.

"You have to keep focus on what the end goal is and for us that's Tokyo in July. As far as we're aware, it's still going ahead and that's the way we have to think."

With movement limited, the inability to go on training camps will impact preparations.

"It's not ideal at all," Daly admitted.

"We were supposed to go to South Africa for a three week camp which was a huge part of our preparation programme.

"And now we've lost that three weeks. I know the staff and the management team are trying to figure out what can happen in the future and how we can get some of that game-time back because we were in South Africa in January.

"They played a good few matches over there but without the match time and without the training all together, it's hard to continue on that preparation that we've set out.

"We've known that this is going to be in the plans for almost a year now so it's hard to understand that it's not happening and what's going to happen in the future."