Dessie Dolan believes inter-county teams are training in contravention of Covid-19 restrictions as they fear falling behind and the GAA has a major problem with abiding by rules - from the top down.

This week Monaghan county board pre-emptively suspended Seamus McEnaney for 12 weeks after it was revealed the senior football manager had organised a group training session.

This came a week after Dublin county board gave their senior manager a similar ban for a group session that was held in contravention of level 5 restrictions.

The GAA are expected to impose their own bans and remove home Allianz League matches from both counties in an attempt to impose some level of order, but Dolan believes the GAA has a problem saying "we let ourselves down in this".

The former Westmeath star and current RTÉ analyst does not believe these sessions are taking place without knowledge of county boards and believes this lax attitude to rules is partly responsible for the GAA's loss of elite status under government's Covid-19 plan.

"You would imagine the county boards, they have to aware of it - they can't turn a blind eye to it," he told RTÉ's Saturday Sport 

"It has to start at the top. The GAA do have an issue. It's very hard to manage this when individual counties are trying to take advantage of it.

"In relation to how GAA operate and how it was around county final time, we let ourselves down. We must look in the mirror and say we let ourselves down in this," said Dolan.

Training can resume for inter-county panels on 19 April, but if the GAA are serious about cracking down on these infractions, Dolan says the punishments may need to be more draconian.

"Is the risk worth the punishment?

"In all of this, the three-month suspension won't have a major impact on the preparation of the teams, and I suppose that is where the GAA need to look at their punishments in terms of what they're doing, because talking about losing home venues when it is only three games in the league is not a major implication."

Dolan says team abiding by the rules will be worried they are falling behind those who are happy to flout them.

"I was talking to one of my friends that plays county football and he was saying, 'you'd almost feel a bit silly'. If you're not training, if you're not keeping up to speed, are you missing out? 

"All it is is your manager is going to get suspended. That is what the GAA need to look at - is their suspension rigorous enough?"