Official news of an investigation into Dublin's recent breach of Covid-19 training guidelines is expected later today, with the loss of home advantage to be considered amongst the potential punishments.

On the same day that a training ground breach was highlighted in the public domain, with a group of Dublin senior footballers pictured at a northside GAA club, the Dublin County Board issued a 12-week suspension for manager Dessie Farrell.

This commenced from the date of the training session.

However, it was revealed yesterday that the GAA’s Management Committee had set up a group to investigate Monaghan's breach, which came into the public domain yesterday.

And it’s understood management also held its own investigation into the Dublin case.

Later today, the association is expected to announce a 12-week ban for the Dubs manager – starting from the date the suspension was officially delivered, not the date of the training session.

This will mean that the Dublin manager will miss the Allianz League campaign - scheduled to run from 15/16 May to 19/20 June - whilst there is also expected to be a loss of home advantage during this series.

The suspension will run from yesterday, 8 April and run into early July, meaning he should be back for a Leinster quarter-final on the weekend of 3/4 or 10/11.

Similar sanctions could be expected for Monaghan manager Seamus McEnaney, who was also hit with a three-month suspension from his own county board yesterday starting from the end of March when the training breach was held.

If the GAA deliver a suspension similar to what Dublin will receive, a later starting date for that ban could potentially rule the Monaghan boss out of a significant chunk of the championship.

When asked at a press briefing yesterday whether the GAA felt its authority had been undermined by these breaches, the response was that the management committee would set up its own investigation into the Monaghan case and, with regard to Dublin, they had issued a sanction which they were happy with.

"We had a management meeting this morning and we’re dealing with the latest breach. We appointed a committee to investigate it at some level. There’s nothing else on it. That’s where we are," said President, Larry McCarthy.