Many parts of the US are continuing to ease coronavirus restrictions, but protest groups say it is not happening fast enough.

Demonstrations have been held across America in recent weeks calling for lockdowns to be lifted. 

A rally was staged outside the state capitol building in Annapolis, Maryland this afternoon.

A phased easing of Covid-19 restrictions has begun in parts of Maryland, but demonstrators say more needs to be done.

Samantha Stephens was at today's protest and said if people are afraid of the virus, they should stay indoors and allow the country to reopen. 

"Don’t have your fear cause us to lose our freedom," she said.

Another protester, Jill Smith, said she did not believe the warnings from doctors and scientists who say it is too early to reopen the economy.

"They’re lying to us and the mainstream media is lying to us but people are finally starting to wake up," she said.

There were lots of flags and placards at today’s rally, but no masks and no social distancing.

Shari Carson said she was not concerned that the virus could be spread by those gathering at the demonstration.

"I’m not scared. I don’t need to be tested, I’m fine and I’ve been working everyday throughout this," she said. 

David Frye was carrying a placard calling for churches to be allowed to reopen. 

He believes they should be deemed an essential service. 

"We have a large church where we can practice safe social separation. The people who are sick can stay at home and the people who are healthy can come and worship the Lord," he said. 

Another protester, Kimberly, said the shutting down of businesses because of the virus was an overreaction.

"Fear tactics are being used to keep us from living," she said. 

"We could go out on the street and get hit by a car, but we don’t stop cars from functioning on the roads."