The US House of Representatives has agreed to increase funding for peace programmes in Northern Ireland next year to $2 million.

The money will go to the International Fund for Ireland, an independent organisation that supports economic regeneration and social development projects in areas most affected by the decades of violence in Northern Ireland.

The increased funding was proposed by Democratic Congressman Brendan Boyle, who said the work of the International Fund for Ireland had become increasingly important.

"As the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union, the on-the-ground work of the IFI is critically important. Brexit will have significant consequences for the island of Ireland," Congressman Boyle said.

"I am glad that my colleagues have recognised this threat and committed to increase US support for peace throughout the island," he said.

The increased funding is part of the 2020 US government spending package which is expected to be passed by the US Senate later this week and then signed into law by President Donald Trump on Friday.