An investigation into the death of Cyril McGuinness, the chief suspect in organising the abduction of businessman Kevin Lunney, has found no evidence that a taser was used on him. 

The 54-year-old died of a suspected heart attack during a police raid last Friday at a house in Derbyshire, where McGuinness was hiding out. 

This afternoon the UK's Independent Office for Police Conduct said its investigation was continuing and it would continue to keep the McGuinness family informed. 

A spokesperson said they had gathered police-worn video footage, police radio transmissions and initial accounts from police officers who were present at the raid. 

The IOPC said they have verified that the police were executing a warrant at the house in Fairfield near Buxton, when McGuinness became unwell.

He was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead later that Friday morning. 

The office also confirmed that a post-mortem examination had been conducted last Monday, further tests are awaited and the cause of death had yet to be established. 

McGuinness, a convicted criminal and was originally from Swords, Co Dublin, went by the nickname 'Dublin Jimmy'.

Gardaí and the PSNI believe he was the main organiser behind the kidnapping and extremely violent attack on the Quinn Industrial Holdings executive in September.

He had been a target of the police on both sides of the border for years and has more than 50 previous convictions.