Facebook says full service has been restored to all its users following a technical glitch that kept some off the social network earlier today.

The issue impacted those accessing Facebook on a desktop computer using the Google Chrome browser.

A change in Javascript code appears to have caused the problem which it is understood originated with Facebook itself.

The problem was identified by midday and resolved within a couple of hours.

The issue appears to have only impacted a small number of people, but the company is not saying how many.

"We're back to 100 per cent for everyone, and we're sorry for any inconvenience," a spokesperson for Facebook in Ireland said.

Earlier annoyed and confused Facebook users took to other online and social media platforms to vent their frustration.

Web monitoring site Down Detector said the problems began around 9:44 this morning, with more than half of those who reported the issue saying they had experienced a "total blackout".

Although outages are rare at Facebook it is nonetheless embarassing for the world's largest social network, that boasts more than 2 billion users.