The Irish Film Institute's Film Archive has launched a suite of apps to enable people to access its digital archive of film from anywhere in the world for free.

Thousands of minutes of content, including Irish made films, shorts, documentaries, animation, advertisements and newsreels owned by the IFI are all available.

The suite of apps covers all the major mobile and streaming platforms, including iOS and Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

Further apps may be added in time if demand for other platforms grows.

They were designed by Axonista which has developed a content management and distribution system that simplifies putting video online on a multitude of platforms.

The apps can be used anywhere in the world as there is no geo-blocking involved.
The archive is available for free, although the IFI is exploring a subscription based model for contemporary film so it could be added to the apps in the future.

Last September the organisation launched its IFI Player with 1200 minutes of archive material made available, including a range of film collections.

The IFI has in recent years become a world leader in digitisation of moving image material

Its archive comprises a collection of over 30,000 cans of film and 10,000 broadcast tapes documenting Ireland's past and present from 1897 to the present day.

Collectively the material documents the changing social, political and cultural development of modern Ireland.