Cork-based company PCH has entered into a partnership with a US firm to produce and sell a skin-worn, ultra-thin, stretchable and disposable stamp.

The stamp can be used for a range of applications including cashless payments, hotel room access and event registration.

The Wearable Interactive Stamp Platform or WiSP platform was the brainchild of MC10, a US-based healthcare technology company that specialises in stretchable body-worn computing systems.

The skin worn tattoo-like device utilises near field communication or NFC technology to communicate with a smartphone or NFC reader, and can be customised for use in a variety of consumer applications.

As well as a payment, interactive experience and ticketing tool, the WiSP can also be utilised in clinical environments to transmit important patient information.

Owned by Cork man Liam Casey, PCH helps companies - from start-ups right through to large multinationals like Apple - to design, manufacture and distribute products around the world.

It will now work with other companies to customise the WiSP for their applications.

Earlier this year at the CES trade show in Las Vegas, L'Oreal announced that it planned to use it to develop a skin worn patch that can measure UV exposure.