The Government has announced €26 million in additional funding for research, development and innovation this year.

€12 million will be used to meet commitments under Cycle 5 of the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions.

A further €10.6 million will go to Science Foundation Ireland to support its Research Infrastructure programme activity.

The Tyndall National Institute will receive €2.4 million while the balance of €1 million will be given to the European Space Agency.

This payment is to increase Ireland's contribution to the Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems programme.

The news came as the Government published its second progress report on the implementation of the national science strategy, Innovation 2020.

The report provides an update on the progress made in delivering the commitments in the two year old strategy over the period from July 2016 to July this year.

Among the highlights of the period were an increase to €475m of the amount secured under the EU's research fund, Horizon 2020.

Five new Science Foundation Ireland research centres were announced as well as a new Enterprise Ireland and IDA Meat Technology Centre.

The report also highlights eight strategic actions that have been completed during the period, including the launch of a new programme of funding for frontier research across all disciplines

Despite the progress in implementing the strategy, however, the Government continues to be criticised for not delivering on the necessary funding increases required if the R&D spending target in the document is to be achieved.

Innovation 2020 committed to double spending on R&D here to 2.5% of GNP.

However, only a small fraction of the required increase has so far been delivered by the Government.