Mariners and fishers operating in the Atlantic west of Galway and Clare have been warned to avoid two newly discovered objects on the seabed.

The objects were discovered as part of the ongoing INFOMAR mapping survey of Irish waters, being conducted by the research vessel, the RV Tom Crean.

One of the objects is believed to be around 50 metres in size, while the other is 20 metres.

Research Operations Manager with the Marine Institute Aodán Fitzgerald says they are likely to be shipwrecks.

"These are likely to be shipwrecks and there are thousands of these in Irish waters. However as these are fishing areas, we issued a notice to advise fishermen with towed fishing gear to avoid the areas," he said.

One of the objects is located on the seabed around 80km west of the Aran Islands in Galway Bay, while the other is 70km west of Loop Head in Co Clare.

Further mapping of the objects will take place which will lead to updating of nautical charts for the areas.

The warning notice to fishers and mariners was issued via the Department of Transport this evening.

"In particular fishers carrying out bottom trawling should avoid these areas so as to ensure no damage comes to their fishing gear or vessels," it said.

The first object west of Galway is located at Latitude 53.0112131, and Longitude -11.03078441.

The second object is located at Latitude 52.5925203 and Longitude -11.0094589.

INFOMAR is an ongoing mapping survey of Irish territorial waters that is being jointly conducted by the Marine Institute and the Geological Survey of Ireland.

In the course of its work, it has already mapped hundreds of sunken vessels all around the Irish coast.