A document sent to members of Inner City Helping Homeless, a Dublin-based charity, details four serious allegations of abuse that were made against the former CEO and Dublin City Councillor, Anthony Flynn, who died in August.

Written by David Hall, the former chairman of the charity, the document outlines a series of allegations of sexual abuse that were being investigated by Gardaí earlier this year.

The first two incidents occurred in May.

"One involved a 21-year-old male (classified by Gardai as extremely vulnerable) in May 2021 being brought by taxi at 2.30am to the CEO's home where [he] stayed the night," the report says.

"[He] presented to an adult emergency department the following day and was transferred to the sexual assault unit. [He] made an allegation to the Gardai when [he] arrived at the Sexual Assault Unit. The Gardaí believed the ICHH taxi account was used."

Less than two weeks later, a separate alleged incident of a similar nature involving a different man was also reported to Gardaí.

"13 days later a party related to an ICHH Client was collected by taxi and brought to the CEO’s home. That night or the next morning an allegation was made to Gardai of sexual assault."

The document, which was obtained by Prime Time, also states that Gardaí told Mr Hall that its investigation went further again.

"Gardai indicated they had met with some men, who were known to Gardai, where taxis had collected them and Gardai were working through 97 taxi journeys. These journeys had been paid for by the charity."

A total of four alleged survivors are referenced in the report.

One of these survivors spoke to Prime Time.

He alleges that in March 2021, when he contacted Mr Flynn because he feared becoming homeless, the former CEO sent him a taxi to bring him to his home.

He alleges he was sexually assaulted by Mr Flynn during his stay.

This man has given a statement to Gardaí in recent weeks and is receiving the services of the Rape Crisis Centre.

He alleges that there were incidents of abuse that continued over a number of months.

The man alleges Mr Flynn threatened him and that his vulnerable circumstances at the time prevented him from going to Gardaí.

Speaking to Prime Time, the man said he wanted to speak out because he is concerned for other vulnerable homeless people who may have fallen victim to similar abuse.

He has suffered months of depression and was taken into the home of a friend, after two attempts to take his own life, he said.

When contacted today, the interim chairman of the board of trustees of the charity, Cllr Christy Burke, said that the charity was operating "as normal".

Barrister Remy Farrell SC is carrying out a formal review into the controversy surrounding the allegations.

The charity provides services to over 100 rough sleepers nightly, has approximate 90 people per week using its drop-in service and gives out approximately 700 hampers of food and clothing monthly.

However, there are others who believe the long-term viability of the charity, which has up to €1m on its books, is in doubt.

Earlier this week, attempts to reconstitute a new board of trustees failed after three people going forward – Clare O’Connor, who previously worked for the charity, Gary Gannon TD and barrister Gavin Elliott – withdrew their names.

None of these people have commented on the reasons for their withdrawal.

There is great resentment in the north inner-city community where Anthony Flynn grew up about the way he was treated.

Mr Hall, who, as chair, suspended Mr Flynn before his death, has received abuse on social media.

When contacted by Prime Time, the Charities Regulator confirmed that it had received a complaint that it then referred to Gardaí.

When asked if it was prepared to use its powers to appoint an inspector to investigate the charity, it declined to comment.

The regulator confirmed that it is "engaging with the charity with regard to its board of trustees".

It also stated: "There is currently no plan for the Regulator to appoint board members. It is the responsibility of the charity trustees to carry out the charitable purpose and to appoint new trustees as necessary."