Taxes, wages, PR, debate absence, the Government jet and a loan were all raised on this evening's RTÉ Prime Time presidential debate.

Here are just six moments from the debate.

Peter Casey on taxes

Asked about paying taxes, Peter Casey said he has a Green Card and gets taxed on his worldwide income, and that he was paying 46% tax in America.

"I'm a Green Card holder, which means I get taxed on my worldwide incomes in the United States so that will be given up very shortly."

Gavin Duffy on PR

Asked about spin in public life, Gavin Duffy said that is not what he engages in.

"I'm not personally responsible for the spin that goes on in Ireland."


Joan Freeman on her loan

Joan Freeman was asked about the loan she obtained from businessman Des Walsh in order to fund her campaign.

"The loan I got from Des Walsh was a personal loan from his own personal wealth."

Seán Gallagher on previous debate absence

On not featuring in a previous debate, Mr Gallagher said it was not fair for five candidates to turn up and have a go at each other while one escaped scrutiny.

"My solution was to stay out of it and encourage, hopefully, that others would have followed suit."

Michael D Higgins on the Government jet

President Michael D Higgins was asked, as a life-long socialist, if he felt comfortable on the Government jet.

"No, I'm not comfortable with any extravagance. And quite frankly I don't regard it as an extravagance."

Liadh Ní Riada on her wage

Liadh Ní Riada was asked about an interview she did with Hot Press last year in which she claimed that she is paid the average industrial wage.

She clarified that she is paid around €70-72,000 before tax, after which she pays tax in Brussels and Ireland.

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