Labour Party leader Alan Kelly said he would not rule out going into Government with Sinn Féin after the next general election.

Speaking to reporters ahead of his party's conference, which gets underway in Dublin’s Mansion House this evening, Mr Kelly said his priority is "to ensure we maximise our party’s potential electorally" and "whatever falls after the next election, we will judge that."

He said the Labour Party is not afraid to go into government "unlike some in the left" adding: "We are not ruling anything in or out."

But he said it was not a "fait accompli that some parties will end up in government" and there could be three years left of this government which is "an eternity" in politics.

Mr Kelly also said that widespread antigen testing, proposed in a recent NPHET letter, should have happened a long time ago.

"I believe in using them. I used them this week before I came up here. I’ll use them again before I leave on Sunday. They have been part of my life for over a year," he said.