Green Party Chairperson and Dublin Lord Mayor Hazel Chu has said re-elected party leader Eamon Ryan will have to make changes after a turbulent few months within the party.

Ms Chu said a strategic review is under way in the party and Mr Ryan is "amenable" to change and will look to make changes and "we are welcoming that".

She said the leadership contest "was always going to be a tight contest" and it was less about dissatisfaction with Mr Ryan but more "about an urge or wanting" for a new leader.

She said she is happy to work with Mr Ryan, despite backing Catherine Martin's leadership bid saying "whoever is the leader will keep the party moving".

Speaking on RTÉ's Today with Sarah McInerney, she said the party needs to review its structure after growing to 3,000 members and a committee is in place to see what members want going forward.

 She said that it will look at "what are we looking to achieve in the next five years" and at a local level and how to encourage grassroots and ensure they continue to get involved.

She said that the party has lost members, including Saoirse McHugh, and there is a need to take stock as people have different ideas of what they want for the party.

She said she plans to reach out to all those who have resigned to learn why they left and see how to improve things.

She said the Just Transition Group set up within the party is not set to cause division but to ensure everyone's voices are heard.

Cllr Chu said that there is a need to give members a voice and make divergent views welcome and the way to get to the point of unity is by bringing people along with you, especially as a grassroots membership party.