More than four out of five people here believe that Ireland's membership of the EU is a good thing, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey.

This compares with 59% of EU citizens generally.

The survey asked citizens about several topics, including which political issue the European Parliament should deal with as a matter of priority.

59% of Irish people consider climate change to be the most current pressing environmental issue, as compared with 52% of EU citizens as a whole.

A clear majority of people in EU see protecting human rights worldwide (48%), freedom of speech (38%), gender equality (38%) and solidarity between  member states (33%) as the main fundamental values to preserve in the European Union.

Although the ranking of priorities is varied across individual Member States, for the first time climate change tops the list of citizens' priority issues.

Nearly every third respondent (32%) wants the European Parliament to make combating climate change as its biggest priority.