The Minister for Communications has said some of the proposals put forward by an Oireachtas Committee on the National Broadband Plan would represent "total abandonment" of the process at this stage.

Richard Bruton said that is not something the Government could countenance.

The minister said he would study the recommendations made by the Oireachtas Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment in its report published earlier this week.

But he said there has been a rigorous tender process and if it were to be changed it would have to be abandoned and the Government would have to go back to the beginning.

Mr Bruton said the process had been full of external reviews and due diligence and the winning application from the National Broadband Ireland consortium has undergone intense scrutiny.

He said the Government still has to decide whether it will sign the contract and further work has to be done on it, and in that context he said he would look at the committee's recommendations.

"I will be studying those recommendations and going back to Government at an early date having considered the recommendations of the committee," he said.

"The aim of this is to ensure that rural Ireland has access to the same high-speed broadband that will transform both economic and social life in Ireland."

He said a suggestion by Green Party leader Eamon Ryan that new houses should perhaps have to pay some of the connection costs is an idea that could be looked at in the context of the arrangements that are being put in place.