New MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace have made their maiden speeches in the European Parliament.

Both the former Independents4Change TDs attacked the EU's stance on international issues.

Ms Daly used her first opportunity to address the parliament during a debate on the situation in Venezuala last night.

Earlier, Ireland South MEP Mick Wallace was critical of the EU for being too silent about US foreign policy and aggression against Iran.

He said: "Over the past 18 years, the US regime and its western supporters have caused untold destruction in many parts of the world, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Palestine, Yemen."

He argued that there is no argument for US actions and Europe has been "unfortunately too silent and afraid to condemn them. There is no argument whatever for these wars."

He added: "And now we have the build up of aggression against Iran. We have the sanctions against Iran, which is a form of warfare, one of the worst forms of warfare today. And what is Euope doing about it? Do you want Saudi and Israel to push the US into war with Iran.

"Why don't you end the sanctions and bring Iran back into the international community? Iran wants peace not war."

A short time later Ms Daly contributed to a debate about the political situation in Venezuala where she accused the EU of hypocrisy.

She said: "It is obvious now that in the recognition of Juan Guido as interim president by a majority in this parliament was not only illegal under Venezuelan and international public law but more importantly it has not worked.

"For people to come in here and talk about a humanitarian catastrophe and millions of people fleeing and at the same time argue for targeted measures, more sanctions, more hardship the very reason why many of them are fleeing in the first place is for me, beyond hypocrisy.

"To talk about human rights violence in Venezuala, when you have just concluded a deal with Brazil where the President has argued a shoot-to-kill policy on the streets.

He speech garnered some applause from other MEPs and she concluded: "If you are really concerned about the Venezualen people, why don't you ensure that the assets belonging to them are frozen around the world are released back to them? Why don't you work with the recognised international humanitarian agencies to bring them some relief.  Starving people into submission has never worked and it is not going to work here."