The Cabinet met in special session in Dublin to mark International Women's Day. 

It ratified the Istanbul Convention, which not just obliges governments to fully address the issue of violence against women, but also the prosecution of perpetrators. 

Ministers focused on the Government's plans to implement a range of gender equality measures.

The meeting took place at the Academy Building - the location where the Irish Women's Workers Union was founded in 1911, at a meeting addressed by Constance Markievicz.  

It is understood ministers reviewed, among other things, the National Strategy for Women and Girls, which was published in 2017 and aims to encourage women into leadership roles in the workplace, sport, politics and the arts. 

The meeting also considered measures on how to protect vulnerable women and girls.

Earlier, Women's Aid Director Margaret Martin said while she welcomed recent changes, like the introduction last year of the Domestic Violence Act, she said such laws will only be effective if the systems tasked with implementing them are fully resourced and trained, such as in the courts and in An Garda Síochána. 

Ms Martin said there remained significant gaps in the law that leave women and children unprotected from abuse, such as providing for independent multi-agency domestic homicide reviews, to answer questions from the families of victims of fatal domestic abuse and to help prevent future killings.