Delegates attending this weekend's Fine Gael Árd Fheis will be told to be on a general election footing.

The Clár, outlining the schedule for the conference, contains a welcome message from the party's General Secretary, Tom Curran where he says the party is preparing for local and European elections in 2019 and "also for a general election which could happen at any time".

It states: "We must and will be ready."

Among the motions to be debated at the two-day conference in the Citywest Hotel in Dublin is one dealing with future coalition government and confidence and supply arrangements.

The motion titled "empowering members" proposes that a special delegate conference will have to be held to approve participation in coalition or confidence and supply governments.

The proposed new rule will allow members have a final say before the party goes into government.

But the voting on participation in government will be decided by an electoral college where the votes of the parliementary party - the TDs, Senators and MEPs - will be weigthted to comprise 50% of the total poll.

The votes of a group of ten members from each constituency, known as constituency electors, will comprise 25% of the total poll.

A further 15% share of the vote goes to the party's council of local representatives council, which comprises councillors and the remaining 10% is goes to the party's executive council.