The Minister for Foreign Affairs has expressed hope that over the coming week a new proposal will come forward from the British government regarding Brexit.

Simon Coveney was responding to questions from Fianna Fáil's spokesperson on Foreign Affairs Niall Collins in the Dáil.

Minister Coveney said the focus of Government over the next six weeks would be on trying to get a deal done.

"But when you are focused on getting a deal done, you need to talk about solutions rather than dealing with problems, while at the same time ensuring we are planning for all scenarios", he said.

The Tánaiste said he was unaware whether the British side had tabled a "formal new proposal" yet, however he noted that the British Prime Minister committed to doing that.

"I hope over next week or so we see that new proposal coming forward because I'm sure the EU taskforce will have ideas and concerns over some of what's proposed", he said.

Mr Coveney said a deal needed to be done in the coming weeks with "some flexibility and good will on both sides".