Fianna Fáil's finance spokesperson has said he believes it would not be in the country's interests to have a general election before Brexit next April.

Speaking on RTÉ's Today with Miriam, Michael McGrath said he was expressing a personal view.

He said he was mindful about Brexit and other issues, and that his party would meet the Government next week to start the discussions on the Budget, which is six weeks away.

The party's deputy leader, Dara Calleary, recently stated that Fianna Fáil should support the Government for an extra Budget if it agreed with Fine Gael to extend the confidence-and-supply deal that underpins the coalition.

Mr McGrath said this morning that his party believes there is room for social welfare increases, modest income tax reductions and improved public services in the Budget.

He said in the previous two Budgets there have been increases in social welfare payments and income tax reductions.

He also said there will be further reductions in the USC and the level at which people pay the higher rate of tax will also be raised.

Mr McGrath said his party would discuss its approach to the Budget at a meeting in the coming weeks.

Separately, he said he has not seen any details about how a proposal to have a grant for grandparents minding children would work.

The childcare grant was proposed by Minister for Transport Shane Ross from the Independent Alliance.

Mr McGrath told the programme that his party favoured a national affordable housing scheme.

Overall, he said €800m was the starting point for Budget 2019, but this amount could increase.