Sinn Féin has outlined its selection process for a candidate for the Presidential Election.

The chairperson of the party's Presidential Election Committee, David Cullinane, said the nomination process would begin on 20 August and will be completed by 10 September.

The party's Ard Chomhairle will decide the candidate at a special meeting on 16 September.

Under the selection process each candidate will have to receive the support of the six Cumann.

Mr Cullinane said they want a candidate who will address the changes seen in the abortion referendum and the same-sex marriage referendum and will address the issue of changing a patriarchal society.

However he said there will be no gender intervention and while they would love to have a woman candidate, there will no issue if there is a man.

He also denied that they were attempting to hide their candidate from scrutiny as a result of the selection process.