The DUP has set out its stall for the upcoming Stormont election saying only a win for it can prevent a "divisive border poll".

Party leader Jeffrey Donaldson said he had a five point plan to offer the electorate.

It focuses on fixing the NHS, growing the economy, replacing the Northern Ireland protocol, improving schools and helping working families.

Mr Donaldson said the conditions did not exist for his party to re-enter the executive if the protocol remained unchanged.

He also wouldn't be drawn on whether he would serve as deputy first minister to a Sinn Féin first minister.

"I have yet to meet the political leader, football manager or business owner who sets out his or her stall on the basis of what happens if they're defeated or if they lose or if they're unsuccessful," he said.

"And that's not the business I'm in, I'm in the business of leading a united team forward with a positive message and a five point plan for Northern Ireland. And I want unionism to win this election."

He said if Sinn Féin win the focus in the years ahead would be on a "divisive border poll", rather than on things like health reform.

Mr Donaldson also called on unionists to transfer to each other in the upcoming election to maximise unionist representation.

He said he wasn't going to be spooked by the latest polling which shows the DUP well behind with Sinn Féin on track to be the largest party after the 5 May election.