With the distance people can travel for exercise potentially set to increase to 20 kilometres next week, the operators of 2kmfromhome.com, an Irish website that shows people what is in their area, are expecting a fresh surge of traffic.

The Government announced restrictions on Friday 27 March which limited the distance people could travel for exercise to 2km. This was subsequently increased to 5km on Tuesday 5 May.

Under the Government's roadmap to reopen the country the limit is now due to increase to 20km from Monday 8 June. This is subject to the Cabinet agreeing on Friday to proceed with Phase Two of the plan.

David Bolger of Devhaus, a Co Wexford-based software development company, launched 2kmfromhome on 27 March.

It asks a user to share their location from their device or desktop and shows the radius around their home. This can be set to any distance up to 20km.

The website also now allows users to place two pins on the map - representing their home and that of a friend of family member - so they can see overlapping areas where they can meet for socially distanced visits or exercise.

Devhaus has said that since its launch more than 2.1 million people have used the website 6.2 million times to see where they can exercise.

They also said there have been 1.5 million unique users from Ireland.