Breakfast means breakfast – and if you order it at The Tea Terrace in Cobham, it may just be served by a robot named Theresa.

The restaurant is trialling the introduction of robotic waitresses, with an eye on the potential for rising labour costs in the future.

Announcing the pilot scheme, Ehab Shouly, Managing Director of The Tea Terrace, which owns and operates four restaurants, said: "We've christened the robot Theresa in a nod to the media's nickname for former Prime Minister Theresa May. But our robot is far more intelligent than the vast majority of our British politicians, and she would easily juggle her job as a waitress at our restaurant and running the country."

The Tea Terrace was recently in the news after introducing the Selfieccino - a cappuccino with your selfie printed on it using edible food colouring – says it is the first restaurant in Europe to introduce the highly-advanced robot, which can communicate with customers.

Shouly said: "Theresa represents the 6th Generation of robotic waitresses which were first launched in Japan a few years ago. The robot comes with autonomous navigation; automatic obstacle avoidance, voice conversation, and automatic dish delivery.

"It integrates core technologies in automatic control, multi-sensor perceptual collision avoidance and route planning.

Theresa comes with a double-tray which greatly reduces waiters' repeat work such as food and drink delivery and carrying heavy trays of drinks such as teapots.

"We don't plan to replace our staff with robots entirely. But the idea is to help them and to make their job easier."

Theresa will take the food and drinks to the tables and then the waiters and waitresses simply take it from Theresa and serve it to the customer.

The robot then asks the customers to tap its arm so that it can go back to its base.

Asked whether his staff were worried about the introduction of the £18,000 robot and concerned that Theresa and other new robots will take over their jobs, Mr Shouly said there were some concerns expressed as jokes by the waiting staff at The Tea Terrace in Cobham.

"They were joking about losing their jobs to robots, but we reassured them that all robots who join the team are there to assist and not replace the staff.

"The human interaction and customer service has been key to our success since we launched The Tea Terrace 10 years ago. This will never change," he stressed.

Theresa has been a hit with customers who are surprised to see a robot working as a waiter. "It's a great conversation starter, especially that we put a Theresa May wig on her for fun. And we programmed her to say "Breakfast Means Breakfast" to poke fun at the former Prime Minister's repeated Brexit Means Brexit statement," Mr Shouly said.