Santa’s epic journey around the world to bring gifts to boys and girls is supported and helped by a number of scientific theories.

His 24-hour journey is helped by slowing down time and teletransportation - both of which are rooted in quantum teleportation and Einstein’s special and general theories of relativity.

The theories and multiple technologies were explained as part of a festive RTÉ investigation broadcast today on Morning Ireland.

Children at Silvermines National School in Tipperary explained that Santa’s journey is a mix of magic and science – including quantum physics, teletransportation, delaying time and cloning.

Dr Ian Clancy, a physics lecturer at University of Limerick, says quantum teleportation is a core part of one of the many branches of physics Santa has mastered with elf-scientists.

Dr Clancy explained that in 2017, Chinese scientists teleported an object from Earth to a satellite orbiting 300 miles away in space.

This set a record for quantum teleportation.

"Clearly Santa uses quantum teleportation. That’s a way of making particles move from one place to another over large distances," he said.

"It uses strange properties of quantum physics called quantum entanglement. That allows us to use entangled particles to be able to transport these properties from one place to another."

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This theory - and the science of teletransportation - is echoed in ‘Secret Science of Santa Claus’, written by Irish physicist Barry W Fitzgerald who is based in the Netherlands.

"His teleportation allows him to skip all over the world. He also relies on these technologies to get him down the chimney once he lands on the roof of a house," the scientist told RTÉ News.

He added that this is a technology that could prove useful if there is a hard Brexit.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, the scientist and author said: "The journey Santa takes on Christmas Eve is quite extraordinary. As a scientist, I have to look at what he achieves and wonder how does he achieve this," Mr Fitzgerald said.

"It is not just one single thing that helps him get around the world on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus is incredibly smart. He has elf-scientists behind him helping him with the development of the technologies and gadgets that he needs to get around the world," he added.

"He implements these technologies in lots of different ways. He gets the reindeer to fly and travel very fast", said the scientist.

Another theory on Santa’s science is that he can slow down time.

"Slowing down time is associated with one of the greatest scientific minds that has ever been on the planet - Albert Einstein," said Mr Fitzgerald.

"Einstein developed two very interesting theories: the Special Theory of Relativity and the General Theory of Relativity. The basics of both of these is that as you go faster, and as you approach the speed of light - 300,000,000 metres per second - time slows down.

"In fact, if you were able to travel speeds close to the speed of light, time for you would get slower. Santa may be able to use something like this. Perhaps Santa has a technology that allows him slow down time on the whole planet giving himself extra time to make all the deliveries he needs to make around the world," added the scientist.

"Santa has a technology that allows him slow down time on the whole planet giving himself extra time to make all the deliveries he needs to make around the world"

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Santa Claus refused to give away the exact formula for his big journey, but he did say when he is expecting to arrive in Ireland.

"We have a lot of ground to cover, despite the scientific phenomenon of quantum teleportation, to give it its correct term, teletransportation. And we have another little problem I’m afraid, I might be needing some veterinary assistance because one of Blitzen’s hooves got caught in the Christmas tree last night. We may be a little late getting to some places in the world, but I always manage to deliver on time," he said.

"I’m estimating we’ll be coming into view of Ireland at about quarter to seven this evening."

Santa also said that he is not going to be giving away "too many dogs and cats as presents this year" because so many of them get sent back after Christmas, and the North Pole, he said, is "overcrowded" with unwanted animals.

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