The people of Ireland have voted decisively to repeal the Eighth Amendment, 35 years after it was inserted into the Constitution.

Here are the results at a glance.


2,159,655 people, to be precise, turned out to vote in Ireland's referendum on the Eighth Amendment. That is 64.1% of the electorate.

1,429,981 people, or 66.4%, voted Yes. 733,632 people, or 33.6%, voted No.

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One constituency bucks the trend

All but one of the constituencies voted Yes. Donegal was the only one of the 40 constituencies to vote No.

Highest % Yes

The constituency with the highest % Yes vote was Dublin Bay South.

Here are the ten constituencies with the highest % Yes vote:

Highest turnout

The constituency with the highest percentage turnout was Wicklow, at 74.5%.

The constituency with the lowest percentage turnout was Dublin Central, at 51.5%.

Official declaration

The final result was declared by the Referendum Returning Officer Barry Ryan after 6pm this evening.

This was the scene at Dublin Castle:

'A quiet revolution'

The Taoiseach described today as "an historic day for Ireland" where "a quiet revolution has taken place".

In a speech following the official declaration, Leo Varadkar said today Ireland "voted for the next generation".

"We have voted to look reality in the eye and we did not blink."

'A tragedy of historic proportions'

Campaigners for a No vote in the referendum on the Eighth Amendment described the decision of voters as a "tragedy of historic proportions".

The Save the 8th campaign said a wrong did not become a right simply because the majority supported it.

Spokesperson John McGuirk said the unborn child no longer had a right to life recognised by the State.

What happens next?

It will take more than a week before the result of this weekend's referendum is signed by the President and the Taoiseach, writes RTÉ Political Reporter Justin McCarthy.

Read his full report on what will happen in the coming days, weeks and months.