What was the Stardust tragedy?

On the night of 14 February 1981, 48 people lost their lives in a fire at Stardust, a night club in Artane, a suburb on the north side of Dublin. 214 people were injured in the blaze.

Why is it in the news?

Families of the victims had been seeking a Commission of Investigation into the fire.

However, an assessment by a retired judge has found that no new inquiry is warranted, as there is no new evidence.

He said a dossier submitted was "..rambling, argumentative, disorganised and at times incoherent".

He also said at this remove it's "not likely the cause of the fire can ever be established".

What do the families say now?

They are not happy with the judge’s finding. Antoinette Keegan, who lost two sisters in the fire and was injured herself, said: "This is not the end of the road for us."

What do the families want?

They want the cause of the fire, which has never been officially established, put on the record.

They also want to see someone prosecuted for the 48 deaths.