The Port of Cork has confirmed that a Russian-registered cargo ship currently unloading at the deep water berth in Ringaskiddy has been cleared by the Department of Transport.

The vessel with its cargo of animal feed was allowed to dock on Sunday after port authorities sought clarification and received notification that the 90-metre SERDOLIK was cleared to enter and dock at the Port of Cork.

Its cargo of animal feed is currently being unloaded.

Agricultural products are among a number of exceptions to last month's directive from the Department of Transport issued to all Irish ports and harbour masters to deny entry to Russian-registered vessels from 17 April.

Other exceptions include the transport of coal, natural gas, oil and refined petroleum products, pharmaceutical and medical products, humanitarian purposes and emergency safety situations.

Separately, documents obtained by RTÉ News under the Freedom of Information Act reveal how management at Dublin Port was opposed to allowing a shipment of Russian diesel dock in the port in early March, following the invasion of Ukraine.

However, officials in the Department of Transport instructed the port to accept the shipment.