A school in West Cork has won 'Schoolovision', a primary schools' version of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Twenty-three pupils at Cappabue National School in Bantry recorded and released the rap song on climate change three months ago.

"One Small Change" went viral on social media and the principal was invited to enter the rap in the Schoolovision competition.

Schoolovision has been held on the eve of the Eurovision Song Contest for the past 12 years, with primary schools from up to 30 countries taking part annually.

Votes were cast online this morning and Ireland was announced as the winner.

Norway came second and Austria's entry was in third place.

Norma Healy, principal of Cappabue National School said everyone is thrilled to have won the competition.

She said it has been an exciting few months for the pupils who are now working on a second rap.

Ms Healy said they were supposed to appear on Good Morning America via Skype on World Earth Day but the appearance was cancelled because of Covid-19.

She said winning Schoolovision is the perfect consolation prize.

The pupils decided to make the video after being shocked by the amount of litter they found when they went to help clean up local beaches.

Music producer, songwriter and rapper Garry McCarthy came to the school to help the pupils - some as young as five - have their voices heard.

Past pupil, videographer Elaine Lucey, shot the video.