The Garda Representative Association has described a meeting with senior Garda management over rosters today as "a complete waste of time," saying its relationship with Garda Commissioner Drew Harris is now "irreparable".

The GRA had asked Commissioner Harris not to implement a new roster on 6 November, saying if removed or deferred, it would enter into proposed talks in good faith.

In a statement this evening, the association said the Commissioner would not move that deadline, saying the roster will change on that date.

GRA General Secretary Ronan Slevin said: "It is our view that the Commissioner has now invited conflict."

The GRA is holding a special delegates conference in Kilkenny tomorrow to discuss what actions to take now.

Two weeks ago, GRA members voted 'no confidence' in the commissioner, with the motion carried by a majority of 99%.

"Sadly, any talks since then to try and repair this damage have failed which completely vindicates the result of this ballot", Mr Slevin said.

"Yesterday we formally wrote to the Commissioner requesting once again that the date for the changing of our roster of the 6th November is removed or deferred to ensure that our members won't have to change their working patterns twice in a short space of time."

Mr Slevin added that "it must be remembered that we were the only association to remain in talks during the 64 days of negotiations at Westmanstown, which highlights our commitment to the process".

"Furthermore, we explained that even if we managed to reach an agreement, our association would require at least six weeks to conduct a ballot of our members, therefore the impending date of the 6th November needed to be addressed as it would not allow for meaningful, open negotiations."

"It is our view that the Commissioner has now invited conflict and it will be up to our delegates at tomorrow’s specially-convened conference to chart the direction of the actions to follow."