The association representing middle-ranking gardaí has called for a review of the Policing Authority's complaints procedure after its chairperson was found to have made an "inappropriate" comment at a meeting.

The comment was directed at the General Secretary of Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (AGSI) at an official meeting with Policing Authority members, and in front of other unions and garda representative body members.

Antoinette Cunningham said Bob Collins' comment diminished her position, credibility and that of the AGSI.

She complained to the authority but said Chief Executive Helen Hall said no further action would be taken as the matter had been "appropriately dealt with".

Mr Collins had apologised at the meeting when challenged about the remark, but the AGSI was not satisfied.

"It was a gender-based inappropriate remark, passed with the intention, I believe, to embarrass, belittle and humiliate me and by extension AGSI," Ms Cunningham said.

The AGSI sought an external review which found the chairperson's comment "inappropriate, ill-considered (in terms of the message and impact) and fell short of the chairman's explicit responsibility to ensure effective communications with stakeholders".

The association is now calling for a review of the internal complaints process in the Policing Authority which it says are "flawed".

Ms Cunningham said today that "those charged with overseeing the performance of the Garda Síochána in the provision of policing services must themselves be beyond reproach."

The Policing Authority told RTÉ News that it has no comment to make on AGSI's statement.