Brazilians have voted in the first round of their country's most polarised election in decades, with thousands queuing in Dublin to cast their votes.

Leftist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was favoured to beat right-wing incumbent Jair Bolsonaro.

Brazilian nationals living all around Ireland were able to vote at the country's only polling station in an English language school on Dublin's North Great George's Street.

It opened at 8am this morning and closed at 5pm.

Thousands of people queued for a number of hours in long lines snaking around Parnell Street, Hill Street, Gardiner Place and North Great George's Street.

Some of those queuing could be heard singing "Fora Bolsonaro", meaning "Bolsonaro out", but there was support for both of the front-runners in this presidential race among voters in Dublin.

As the only polling station for the Brazilian election was in Dublin, eligible voters living in Ireland travelled from around the country to cast their vote.

Brazilian people queue to make their choice

Nayara, who travelled from Limerick, said it was "the most important day for Brazil".

"I am here, to give my vote, because we are going to get rid of Bolsonaro", she said.

"I'm feeling so hopeful, because this is the feeling in Brazil. We want change, because things are not good, so we have to change," she said.

Crowds in Dublin to vote in Brazil's election

Nayara cited destruction of the Amazon as just one of the reasons she was giving her vote to Lula da Silva.

Adriana, who lives in Dublin, agreed.

"I'm very worried about what is going on in the tropical forests in Brazil and all the human rights that our actual president doesn't respect."

Crowds stood outdoors to queue for the vote

Fabiana, who lives in Co Kilkenny, said she was supporting the incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro.

"He supports the family and God, and he has good principles. For us it's good, because we have a family, and it's important for us," she said.

She said this election was important for her and her family who live in Brazil.

Another man queuing to cast his vote today said that he believed that Lula Da Silva might win in Dublin, but that Bolsonaro would win in Brazil.