Dublin Airport said there have been no major delays for passengers leaving the country today.

The daa, which operates the airport, said the vast majority of passengers got through security at Terminal 1 between 20 and 25 minutes this afternoon.

In Terminal 2, the wait time for departing passengers has been between 10 and 15 minutes.

''It's been a very smooth operation on the busiest day of the year so far for Dublin airport,'' said Kevin Cullinane, group head of communications, daa.

The daa said Dublin Airport has not had a day busier than Good Friday since Christmas 2019.

Mr Cullinane said the organisation is looking at every area ''forensically'' to improve the queuing times for passengers.

50,000 passengers were expected to depart Dublin Airport throughout Good Friday.

The daa expects around 43,000 passengers to depart from Dublin Airport tomorrow.

Security is open 24 hours a day at Terminal 1 to ease the pressure.

Passengers are still being advised to arrive at the airport up to three-and-a-half hours before their flight is due to depart.

Dublin Airport is operating with the maximum number of security personnel over the Easter weekend returning to "normal levels of staffing," according to the daa.

More than 600 daa staff have been redeployed to assist airport screeners, who are focusing solely on security checks and screening passengers.

Other staff are helping to monitor and manage the queues and assisting in tray return duties to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

The daa said there have been no missed flights so far due to delays at the airport.

Speaking on RTÉ's Today with Claire Byrne, Mr McQueen said the issues last week with people waiting outside the terminals "was really caused by people arriving a little bit too early, and a panic setting in".

He said the message this week is to not come any more than three-and-a-half hours before a flight departs.

Extra staff have been drafted in to deal with the higher volumes of people going through security but also to deal with added pressure on cleaning teams, he said.

In regards to airport parking, he said demand for the car parks is "really, really high".

The long-term car parks are completely sold out for some days this weekend and people are encouraged to "look at the alternative ways you can get to the airport" such as taxis and public transport.

"It's an issue at the moment and in normal times, if you go back to 2019 that there was another car park at the airport that's unfortunately closed at the moment."

He said that is about one-fifth of the car parking spaces, 3,500 spaces.

"So, while that's not on stream, parking is going to be tight at busy times," he said.