Wind Energy Ireland is calling on the Government to develop a strategy for green hydrogen and said it will be essential to decarbonising the Irish economy.

Green hydrogen, which could be for transport and other sectors, would be produced using electricity from renewable sources.

Cutting Ireland's carbon emissions to levels needed to meet its international obligations is going to be very challenging.

Hydrogen could make a big contribution by powering transport that is not easy to electrify such as lorries, ships and planes. But it takes a lot of electricity to make hydrogen and if it is to be green that power must come from renewable sources.

Wind Energy Ireland has argued that there is sufficient wind in Ireland to produce hydrogen for Ireland and for export.

It said this would create thousands of jobs, cut emissions and increase energy security by cutting reliance on imported fossil fuels.

But it said this will happen only if the Government produces a green hydrogen strategy and takes action to bring down the cost of renewable energy in Ireland.