New research from the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre has found that 84% of people believe there is a need for age-appropriate sex education in all schools.

A national representative sample of 1,004 adults surveyed in September, 2021 and funded by the Community Foundation of Ireland also shows that 70% of people believe there is a problem regarding consent in Ireland.

9-in-10 women and 8-in-10 men agreed that everyone had the right to change their mind at any point during sex.

The majority also considered mutual respect, trust and shared willingness to be very, or extremely important, between partners.

The report called, Ireland Consent Research 2021 - Sexual Behaviour and Sexual Consent, found that some people think that consent can be ignored - that 'no' really means ‘maybe’.

It found people do not understand that consent can be withdrawn as well as given.

As a snapshot of where society is in relation to sexual consent it has noted that people lack the confidence to pause a sexual encounter if they feel uncomfortable.

The report says pornography "creates unrealistic expectations that adds to pressure to go further" and that there is social pressure to go further than people are comfortable.

It says people are confused about what constitutes full consent.

Chief Executive Noeline Blackwell said that the DRCC wants to prevent the harm that sexual violence does in society, adding that the report "is a strong base of evidence" for that work.

"This is a long-term initiative where we will work with survivors, individuals and communities across the country, to help us better understand consent and its importance and how to shape our society towards one that does not tolerate sexual violence and sexual coercion," she said.