The Board of Scouting Ireland has written to its members informing them of the expulsion of a number of individuals from the association. 

They include Chief Scout Christy McCann, Chief Commissioner David Shalloo and former board member Ollie Kehoe. 

In those cases, the board says it found evidence of misconduct under Scouting Ireland's disciplinary process and that they have been expelled from membership of the association. 

The email says the board also found evidence of misconduct in relation to a fourth member, Therese Bermingham. 

The correspondence states that Ms Bermingham is limited to working within her local group as a Programme Scouter and may not hold any position in the organisation outside of that group for the period of two years. 

Evidence of misconduct by the four members was cited under the CCD04 of the Association's Disciplinary Process. 

The definition of misconduct under CCD04 means conduct of any member, whether within or outside of his or her capacity as a member (or holder of an Appointment or Position) of Scouting Ireland, which is such as to be injurious to the character, reputation or interests of Scouting Ireland or to bring Scouting or Scouting Ireland into disrepute.

The board confirms in the email that "its decision in relation to this matter is final". 

It says that having considered the matter, it informed the individuals of its decision on 10 January. 

The Minister for Children has been called upon to "interrogate" the issue of the expulsion.

Labour's Spokesperson Sean Sherlock says that given that the taxpayer is still funding the organisation there is a need for transparency within the organisation.

Deputy Sherlock has called on Minister Roderic O'Gorman to interrogate the issue further.

This latest development follows a turbulent number of years for Scouting Ireland after revelations over governance and safeguarding standards were first disclosed at an Oireachtas committee hearing on 21 November  2018, following an initial review by the child protection consultant Ian Elliott.

Mr Elliot conducted a further review which was published in May last year. 

It included 12 recommendations addressing the areas of safeguarding, governance and the maintenance of records.

Scouting Ireland accepted the recommendations.

The Chairperson of the Board of Scouting Ireland, Adrian Tenant, also made an organisational apology on behalf of the organisation.

Mr Tenant is not available to speak to the media today.

In a joint statement, Mr McCann, Mr Shalloo, Mr Kehoe and Ms Bermingham said due process had not been properly afforded to them.

They also said they are concerned about the precedent this sets for volunteers in Scouting Ireland.

They urged an external investigation into the issues and said following the sanctions they had "little option but to seek justice and truth by external means."