A virtual commemoration took place in the Mansion House in Dublin this evening to mark National Holocaust Memorial Day.

The event cherished the memory of six million Jewish people and millions of other victims who were persecuted and murdered due to their ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliations or religious beliefs.

It was broadcast online from Dublin's Mansion House because of Covid-19 restrictions.

For the first time, members of the public were invited to register and view the event.

Attention was paid this year to increasing levels of misinformation and antisemitism at a global level.

Chair of Holocaust Education Trust Ireland, Professor Thomas O'Dowd said: "Today, we are experiencing a surge in 'misinformation', an increase in antisemitism, and a prevalence of Holocaust denial and distortion.

"With few Holocaust survivors left to carry the burden of memory, the lessons of history grow dangerously dim. It becomes even more important to educate generations now living," he said.

"Awareness of the Holocaust strengthens our resolve to rebut antisemitism in all its manifestations, and to commit ourselves to challenging every example of intolerance that we witness."

Tomi Reichental, one of just two remaining Holocaust survivors in Ireland, said: 'When we are all gone the deniers will get the stage for themselves so it's important to leave the legacy that the Holocaust did happen. I'm a witness, I was there and no denier can ever say such a thing did not happen.

Mr Reichental will also address the European Parliament for an hour tomorrow via Zoom  - the only survivor invited to do so ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day on Wednesday.

He said the most important message is awareness of the Holocaust, so that such an event can never happen again. "In the past several years I'm lecturing in schools, universities and events. The whole idea is that people remember," Mr Reichental said.

During this evening's event, which was also attended virtually by children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors who are no longer with us, there was the Scroll of Names, readings and candle-lighting in memory of all of the victims of the Holocaust.