Irish is the fastest growing language and the number one language to learn in Ireland, according to new data released by language app Duolingo, which has over 1 million people actively learning Irish every week on it.

Duolingo has 500 million downloads globally with Irish the 16th most popular language for English speakers to learn.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Noah Higgs, Irish language teacher and contributor the Duolingo app, said he believes Irish is popular on the language app not only because so many people in Ireland are learning the language, but also because there is a huge diaspora who want to keep the skill.

Mr Higgs said a lot of people this year have joined to help with their schooling.

He said he believes that refreshing their Irish is "that thing that people have been waiting to do" and the pandemic has given many people the time and opportunity to do so.

He said that success with the app depends on a person's learning skills and the time they have to spend, adding that Duolingo is one of the strongest first steps those returning to the language can take and it is "amazing for getting people started".