Two gardaí have received medical treatment after separate assaults in Dundalk, Co Louth.

In the first incident, a male garda was punched in the face and received injuries to his lip and nose when he was assaulted during a routine traffic stop yesterday.

In a second incident, a female garda, who was also carrying out a routine stop, was assaulted.

She had her nose broken and sustained injuries to her eye socket.

Two men have been arrested and charged in relation to the incidents.

It comes just 11 days after two gardaí were attacked in the same area.

On 5 December, a garda, aged in his 20s, was struck by a car on the M1 Motorway.

At 1.45pm, the garda and his colleagues from the Dundalk Roads Policing Unit pulled over a car along the northbound carriageway near Junction 20 while conducting speed checks.

The car came to a stop and the garda walked from his patrol vehicle to speak to the driver.

The driver then accelerated suddenly, hitting the garda and throwing him to the side before fleeing the scene.

The garda was treated for a broken collarbone and assessed for concussion.

In a second incident, a garda, also aged in his 20s, was hospitalised after allegedly being attacked during a drugs search in Dundalk.

A man has since been charged with assault.