The winner of last month's €49.5m EuroMillions jackpot has said her win does not feel real, three weeks after she scooped the massive prize.

The Dublin woman, who has chosen to keep her win private, collected her prize at National Lottery headquarters in Dublin today.

It was the 16th time the EuroMillions jackpot has been won in Ireland since the game began in 2004.

The woman said she played online with a €2.50 ticket and received an email on Tuesday 21 July to tell her she had won the jackpot.

"It has almost been three weeks since the draw and even now, it still doesn't feel real," she said.

"On the night of the draw, I checked my phone around midnight and there was an email to say I had won a prize on my EuroMillions ticket.

"I'd regularly win prizes here and there so when I logged in, I half expected to see that I'd won a few euros and I even hoped that it might be a few hundred.

"What happened next will stick with me for the rest of my life. On the ticket, it said that there was one winner of the EuroMillions jackpot and that winner was me."

The woman said she rang a friend to tell them the good news, but they did not believe her.

"I was in such a state of shock, I had to tell somebody so I called my friend straight away. It was obvious that my phone call had woken him from his sleep and he had no interest in hearing my ramblings.

"When I tried to explain that I had won the EuroMillions jackpot, he instantly dismissed it, saying that either I was dreaming or that I had been drinking," she laughed.

The woman said she now plans to share her prize with friends and family.

"This is such a huge prize and it gives me a great deal of responsibility and of course freedom to help an awful lot of good for the people closest to me.

"I am going to surround myself with some people to properly advise me on the best way to make plans for my money, but my main priority is to help my family and friends."