The Luas operator has issued a safety message aimed at children because of changes in road use resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although there has been a big decrease in 'emergency brake' incidents so far this year, operating company Transdev says it is concerned that there are "noticeably" more children about.

Head of Safety Eoin Colleran said: "I would ask everyone that crosses the Luas tracks to go back to basics, not dissimilar to the message we relay to our children when crossing the road from an early age".

The company also said changes during the pandemic mean that there are more people walking and cycling with motorists moving more freely. 

There were 186 emergency brake incidents for the first six months of this year compared to 640 during 2019. 

'Contacts' with pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles are also down from 64 last year to 13 for for the first half of this.

There were three fatalities involving Luas trams last year, including a cyclist killed in the south city area in December, a man killed in Kingswoood in March and a woman killed in Tallaght in February.

Transdev said its drivers are trained in "defensive driving" to anticipate what other road users are doing.

Transdev said Covid-19 restrictions are now easing and it wants road users to 'Look Twice and Think Twice' as trams cannot swerve out of the way.