The Communicorp media organisation, which owns Newstalk, Today FM, Spin 1038, Spin Southwest and 98FM, has announced pay cuts for staff of up to 25% due to the Covid-19 emergency.

It is understood that under the cuts outlined to staff today, the first €30,000 of income will be reduced by 10%.

The band between €30,000 and €60,000 will be cut by 12.5%.

The earnings tranche between €60,000 and €120,000 will see a reduction of 15%, while top earners will lose 25% of their income above €120,000.

The cuts will apply to all personnel.

It is understood the pay cuts are intended to be in place for the next three months, with the intention of reinstating pay levels when revenues return.

However, wages lost over the next three months will not be refunded. An update will be given to staff on 15 June.

No layoffs are anticipated.

In response to a query from RTÉ, a spokesperson for Communicorp said that the company does not comment on staff matters.