The Department of Education has confirmed that the planned resumption of free 'school meals' for around 250,000 school children can go ahead, despite the new restrictions on movement.

Under a revised scheme, the families of children and teens will receive weekly bags of food instead of daily lunches.

But a company that supplies schools has warned of shortages in the supply chain. 

Glanmore Foods has appealed to Irish food producers to contact them if they can supply staples like cheese in high quantities.

The company was forced to lay off 220 workers as a result of the school closures.

Now it plans to get back up and running, putting together and delivering weekly bags to schools, that can then be distributed to families. 

However, Glanmore has told RTÉ News that it is encountering great difficulty sourcing basic foodstuffs. 

Pupils at 1,580 schools and organisations, including 856 DEIS schools, were entitled to free school lunches under the State's €57 million School Meals Programme.

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